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If you're looking to fit into the Smogon community easily, read on!

Posted on Jan 25, 2015

Welcome to Smogon!

Do you need help finding your way around the forum? Check out the help form we have for both new and old users that want a little extra help fitting into the community.

All you need to do is select what you need help with (users can also teach you the basics of Pokemon battling if you use the form) in the dropdown and post your question. You'll get an answer on the forums usually within the day and those who reply will become your mentors on Smogon. They'll be your go-to guide when you have any questions about Smogon, just click the red icon near where your username is on the forum and you'll see their reply.

Also check out the Smogon Starters Hangout forum (which used to be known as Mentorship Program). It has everything you need to know about fitting into the community, with a guide on how to contribute as well as a sticky that basically explains everything about mentorship.

Don't forget to reply to the introduction and hangout thread while you're there too, so we can get to know you!

Have fun around Smogon and don't hesitate to PM skylight, Xylen or Minus if you have any questions about Smogon mentorship, or want more details about becoming a mentor.

Issue 37 of The Smog is live!

Posted on Nov 22, 2014

Did you notice that this issue was released much quicker than other issues have been lately? We're now switching to a predictable (and consistent) release schedule, meaning that release happens once every four weeks from now on. Or at least we're going to try to make it as consistent as possible!

In other news, this issue was chock full of articles. The user formerly known as Goddess Briyella headed a gigantic project involving over 10 writers, which discussed the brand new ORAS megas! Level 51 made an even tougher Puzzle Page than last time, and Layell wrote an article on a day in the life of a sprite leader (and why no sane person would want to take on the job).

We hope you enjoy this issue guys, it can be found here here. Also we hope you're enjoying ORAS... we certainly will be (in between putting together issue 38, of course!) ~skylight

Smogon Apparel

Posted on October 28, 2014

You asked for it, we delivered! For the first time in our nearly ten years of operation, we are allowing the general public to buy Smogon apparel. Limited time only & next time the design will be different, so get it while you can!

Get shirts here!

Strategy Dex updated for ORAS

Posted on October 23, 2014

We have updated the Strategy Dex with the new megas, and added some sets we think will see use in the ORAS metagame! We will be updating our movesets as we learn more and see what works and doesn't work in battle. Check it out:


VGC 2014 Worlds in D.C.

Posted on August 5, 2014

The official VGC World Championship of Pokemon is coming to Washington, DC shortly. The event will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Place. This is an amazing opportunity to meet Smogoners from around the world, so if you're in the Eastern US and have some free time, definitely swing by. The competition will be from August 15th-17th.

Post in the Worlds thread if you'll be there. There should be a good mix of veterans and fresh faces, so head out if you can. ^.^ ~Jellicent

The Smog Issue 35 Release

Posted on Jul 24, 2014

Issue 35 has taken slightly longer than usual to complete, but thanks to this issue's contributors we have another great read! This issue features an interview with kokoloko, UU tier leader, Oglemi's tips on how to become a randbats expert, and a look at notable pairs over the generations. You can check out the release thread here and make sure to vote for your favorite article of the issue. ~ Vacate

CAP 19 is Underway

Posted on Jul 23, 2014

The nineteenth process of the Create-A-Pokemon Project has just begun! Come help us build an entirely new Pokemon that will be featured on Pokemon Showdown. Led by veteran DarkSlay, this project is already gearing up to be one of our best yet. CAP is a community-driven project, so anyone with an account is allowed to submit concepts, discuss new ideas, and vote freely. Now is the perfect time to sign in and join up! Check out our forum here to get started. ~ Birkal

Mentorship Updates

Posted on Jul 13, 2014

Hey welcome to Smogon! If you're new and you're feeling lost around the community, check out Smogon's Mentorship Program! Feel free to approach any of our mentors, they're there to help you fit into the community. Don't be afraid to sign up to the forums too, given that here at Smogon we're always aiming to have high quality content, we can always use new contributors to the Smogon community. Or if you have a suggestion for the site, you can head to our Suggestion Box.

In recent Mentorship Program news, Birkal has recently stepped down as leader and he has named all of the mentor mods as co-leaders. We've also welcomed back Cherub Agent as a Mentorship Moderator, too. With this said, we're going to be bringing about huge changes to the program soon (including more rewards for mentors that really stand out), so keep an eye out for those changes.

First Smogon Beta Dex Release!

Posted on Jul 2, 2014

Go here to check it out. No old browsers, please.

New front page coming soon.